What is a virtual Ruck March?

A virtual ruck march is a 22km (13.67 miles) walk that can be done from any location you choose. You can walk on the road, on the trail, on the treadmill, in the park, at the gym or on the track. You get to walk at your own pace.

Do I have to complete 22km in one day?

No, since we can’t all be together this year, we are so excited to continue our efforts and host our first-ever 22-day challenge. You can either complete the 22km in one day or over the course of 22 days from September 1st – 22nd. The distance can be broken up into as many sessions as necessary, as long as the challenge is completed in the 22-day window.

Do I have to wear a rucksack (backpack)?

No, but many participants carry a 20+ pound ruck to honor our fallen Veterans. The weight in the rucksack symbolizes the daily loss of life as well as the emotional and physical weight carried by those struggling with a lack of hope. Carry as much or as little as you can or want. It is up to you!

Is there a registration fee to participate?

Yes, $44 for adult participants, $22 for military/veteran participants who agree to accept the mission to raise at least $220, and $17 for participants under 17 years of age.

Is there a fundraising minimum?

No, there is no fundraising requirement for Adult ($44) and Young Adult ($17) Ruck March participants; however, we do encourage each participant to set a fundraising goal of at least $100.

If you register as Veteran Marcher and Enlisted Fundraiser ($22), you agree to accept the mission to raise at least $220 from your friends, family, neighbors or co-workers.

How do I fundraise?  

Once your registration is complete, you will receive an email labeled “Claim Your Fundraising Page.”  Your fundraising page will be available on Classy’s website. Classy is a user-friendly online fundraising platform that gives participants easy, effective, and customizable solutions to manage your fundraising efforts and provides free marketing tools.

What if I am not accustomed to technology or social media platforms to raise funds?

No worries, remember that it isn’t an all-or-nothing situation. Participants can still fundraise in traditional ways like in person, over the phone, through email, via text messaging, or even direct mail.