Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation was recently asked to work with North Chicago’s AbbVie Veteran Employee Resource Group to send holiday Care packages to service members stationed around the world.

LCVFSF purchased all the items for deployed female and male service service members stationed at 182 locations around the world.  Items purchased included such necessities as shaving gear, deodorant, body lotion and Q tips.  Some fun things were there to help satisfy cravings and to put a smile on the faces like cards, board games, lots of beef jerky, powdered drinks, and Tabasco bottles.  Members of the AbbVie Veteran Employee Resource Group packed the items and prepared 125 boxes for shipping.

“Mail Everything” mailing center coordinated and provided a discount for their shipping services.

“The Holidays are a good time to remember the men and women deployed to many locations. Most of us don’t even know these countries exist, let alone know we have service members deployed there,” said LCVFSF President Paul Baffico.  “We are proud to partner for the fifth year with AbbVie in this effort to say ‘Thank you’ to our troops stationed far away from home. We want them to know that they are not forgotten, especially under current circumstances and at this time important time of the year.

Special thanks to AbbVie’s Jeff Cercy, Michelle A. Raine-Shepherd and LCVFSF’s Kevin Guyot for their central roles in this successful collaboration.