New Lake County Veterans website

New Lake County Veterans website includes a New Benefit Service Capability

Lake County Veterans and Family Services Foundation just introduced its new website and it includes a new benefit service capability.

Why the new capability?

Many Veterans have been frustrated by the difficulty of understanding the breadth and depth of Federal and state VA benefits which can cause them to give up. Most are simply trying to find what benefits are available and what’s needed to qualify for them. Their frustration means that many Veterans and service members don’t get the benefits that they earned and deserve.

What’s missing is information.

The new benefits service capability enables users to conduct research on available benefits from any place they have access to the internet and at any time that’s convenient, even in the comfort and confidentiality of their home at a convenient time. The benefits website is divided into two sections: Federal and State.

This new benefits capability portal on the LCVFSF website was developed by an expert benefits executive with over ten years of experience working with Veterans and their benefits. Pat Cornet, a disabled Navy Veteran himself, developed the benefits capability after having trouble finding and keeping up to date on the full range of benefits available to Veterans and service members. “I developed the benefits website as a tool to help Veterans navigate the world of benefits, “ Pat said. “I wanted to make this tool available to anyone wanting to learn what is available to them and what they need to qualify. It should be a significant help in at least getting them started.”

Beyond using the benefits website, Pat recommends working with a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) when applying for benefits. VSO’s can help determine what benefits Veterans qualify for and what they need to apply for them.

For more information about the website, call LCVFSF at 847-986-4622.