Several handmade Veterans Day cards were anonymously dropped off at LCVFSF’s Dryhootch Drop-in Center one day before November 11.  We are not sure who the students are.  But we appreciate their thoughtfulness.

The cards thanked Veterans for their service as you would expect.  But the handwritten messages said much more.


Here are the words of the author from the card above:

“You have probably heard a lot of hollow compliments, condolences and praise when people visit you and thank you for your service, then leave, remembering you for a couple of minutes, then forgetting.  I want to say that this card isn’t that.  I care now, if not forever, and I will care for a long, long time.  And there are many more like me.  We see you and respect you.  We acknowledge your victories, defeats, and sacrifices.  We acknowledge the fact that we wouldn’t be here if it were not for you.

“You are seen.

“You are known.

“You are loved.”

These are the thoughts of one student for which we are touched and very honored.  We Veterans fervantly hope his or her voice represents the future.  And for that, we are thankful.